What is Vegan Tattoo Ink

What is Vegan Tattoo Ink

While you may be eager to get your new tattoo, you might want to put a little thought into whether the ink being used is vegan or not. If you prefer to go vegan, just know that the best gold tattoo ink, some top white tattoo inks , UV tattoo inks, and even those top-rated tattoo ink sets may in fact be using animal products.

What is Vegan Tattoo Ink? Vegan tattoo ink is just like everything else vegan, stripped free of all animal products. There are numerous tattoo ink manufacturers who are not vegan-friendly, so you wind up with things like glycerin from animal fat, bone chars, gelatin from hooves, and beetle shellac in the ink and therefore your tattoo for the rest of your life. Be sure that the shop you choose and the ink you select is using vegan tattoo inks if you really want to showcase your passion for all animal rights


The benefits of using the vegan tattoo inks is that your tattoo will not conflict with your animal cruelty beliefs. Additionally, you really don’t want some of those things inside your body in the first place despite how you feel towards animals.

When you choose a vegan tattoo ink, you eliminate glycerin being used as a stabilizer, bone char used to achieve a super-black color, or gelatin and shellac used for consistency and durability. There are plenty of name-brand manufacturers who make superior ink products that are vegan friendly.

The best way to choose your vegan tattoo ink is to do your homework first. Don’t assume the tattoo shop uses these inks, do some research first. Start there, then make sure the place doing your work uses that particular ink. Don’t assume that the tattoo ink used for your design is animal product free

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