Characteristic Tattoo Ink That Is Safe

Characteristic Tattoo Ink That Is Safe

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of choosing a tattoo ink brand by carrying what we feel are the top tattoo inks on the market today. Whichever brand you end up choosing, if you buy it from Painful Pleasures, you’ll be getting quality tattoo ink. We have close relationships with the manufacturers of the tattoo inks we carry, and we purchase directly from them to ensure that you get trustworthy, reliable ink. You’ll never have to worry about counterfeits or low-grade pigments when you buy your tattoo ink from us.

Even if you narrow down your options by deciding to purchase from Painful Pleasures, you still have more than a dozen brands to contemplate and weigh against each other. To start sorting through those options, ignore the brands themselves for a moment and think about tattoo ink characteristics in general.

When we evaluated the basic qualities that distinguish tattoo inks from each other in In our article Differences Between Tattoo Ink Brands, we found that the top tattoo ink brands on the market today can all be categorized and differentiated from each other by looking at these key characteristics:

  • Country of Manufacture
  • Vegan-Friendliness (containing no animal-based glycerin, & no animal testing)
  • Organic or Inorganic Composition (all pigments derived from natural ingredients)
  • Pre-dispersed or Stable Pigments (i.e. “shake & use” inks vs. pigments you’ll have to mix and thin before using)
  • Overall Price

If any of these qualities stands out as important to you, take note, and then look at our tattoo ink characteristics by brand charts to find the brands that have the qualities you care about most.

And all of those inks you’ll be get at our shop.

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