Creating some tattoos is a great idea but getting infected is not so fun. Hygiene is the first and most important thing to consider before going full steam ahead into a bad decision. Hygiene is very crucial for the tattoo shop, the tattoo artist and for the client. A tattoo artist has a huge responsibility to ensure his/her working environment is clean and up to scratch with good standards of practice

So, the good tattoo shop would come out with best environment. That’s why you better go to the clean tattoo shop and professional tattoo artists instead of going to the place that offer you some cheap and “affordable” tattoo. Because for us, it’s not about the price it’s all about the art that would be on your skin at your whole life without getting any infections. Fair enough, aye?


When a customer enters our studio to get a tattoo we want them to be assured that everything that we can do to keep them safe is being done. Afterall, they just want their tattoo to look great, but at the same time they don’t want to leave the studio unhappy.

That is why anytime there is a possibility of contamination of the customer who is getting a tattoo applied to their skin we have ensured that all equipment,are completely covered by plastic. This plastic covering is then completely replaced after each customer has left and before the next customer enters the area.

Each of our tattoo artists are careful to adhere to all of our strict safety standards. These include never reusing needles, inks or any other equipment from one customer to another. They always wash up using an automatic soap dispenser and where rubber gloves before they start doing any work.


The following are the standards and best practices that we all strictly adhere to here at Toby Myer Tattoo Studio:

  • Only use disposable needles – tubes and inks (never reused)\
  • All equipment is covered with plastic and replaced after each session
  • Chairs/beds are covered with a plastic sheeting and is replaced after each session
  • Artists wash using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and put on fresh gloves before each session begins
  • All areas are cleaned in between each customer to ensure no contamination can occur

Our Customer Safety and Experience Comes First

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